Rental conditions

Rental conditions La Maravilla


  1. Terms of payment

Those who book through our own website can do so at the most competitive rate. However, we do ask you to transfer 25% of the full amount immediately by bank transfer. Without this payment, there is no legal contract with us and unfortunately periods cannot be reserved.
If the departure date is less than 9 weeks from the reservation date, we ask you to transfer the full amount (100%).

  1. Cancellations

Should you decide to cancel your stay due to circumstances, please send an e-mail to

  • More than 8 weeks before the start of your stay: deduction 25 % of the full amount.
  • Less than 8 weeks before the start of your stay: 100% payment. No refund possible.
  • If you have paid 25%, but do not pay the remaining 75% into our account 8 weeks before the start of your stay, we will be forced to cancel your booking and you will lose the paid reservation amount of 25%. You will receive a reminder e-mail with the outstanding amount 9 weeks before the start of your stay.

There are no exceptions to the above regulation, not even in the case of force majeure.

  1. Cancellation on our behalf

We are committed to matching availability on this website with incoming bookings on other platforms as accurately as possible. However, in very exceptional cases, bookings may cross over. If for this - or any other - reason we should have to refuse or cancel your stay, we will refund the money received as soon as we receive it. Any additional payment or transfer costs will be borne by us.

However, we cannot be held responsible in any way for money lost with third parties (air tickets, rented cars, etc.). We will, however, provide you with some websites where you can find alternative accommodation for the same period.

  1. Identification and registration

We are a registered villa and, like hotels, must comply with the legislation concerning the registration of passport or identity card with the guardia civil. We will therefore ask you after booking to share the necessary details with us. At the start of your stay at the villa, we will come by to make a handwritten note of the details. This is also the ideal moment to ask some extra questions about the villa, the surroundings, etc.
We handle your personal data solely to fulfil our legal obligations and will delete it from our systems after your stay.

  1. Complaints

You can always reach us by phone or Whatsapp on 0032 465 091 449.

We are fully committed to taking any complaint seriously and addressing it as quickly as possible. We expect our guests to report any complaints or problems immediately at the time they occur and during their stay. In this way, you give us the opportunity to seek a solution. Possible compensations are also only possible when the complaint was reported immediately and never after the stay in our villa.

We specifically and explicitly ask you not to make any changes to the pool. If there are any problems with the temperature or cleanliness, please contact us and we will provide a quick solution.

However, when you book with us, you agree that the following complaints can never lead to compensation:

  • All facilities of parties beyond our personal control, such as water, electricity, wifi, etc., are subject to the approval of the owner.
  • Minor differences between the description of the villa and the reality (small pieces of furniture, ...)
  • Nuisance from third parties such as neighbours, hotels, etc.

There are also official complaint forms in the villa.

  1. Accidents in the villa

We have a tenant insurance for our villa and have also taken as many measures as possible to guarantee safety: raised terrace walls, swimming pool can be closed off to children via gates, alarm system, first aid kit, smoke detectors, etc. If you still notice any danger, you can report this via our telephone number.
However, the safety features do not imply any liability on our part for any accidents that may occur in or around the villa. You therefore agree that you will not be able to make any claims in this regard.

We also ask you to be sufficiently cautious during your stay and to ensure proper insurance cover through your European health insurance or travel insurance.

  1. Damage to the house

We do not ask for a rental deposit for your short stay. However, as landlord, we obviously reserve the right to take legal action if you cause excessive damage to the villa. After your departure, the villa will always be checked by the cleaning company and you will be informed of any damage via email or phone message. This always happens before the next tenant enters the property. We also respect a maximum notice period of 7 days after your stay.

When you book a stay with us, you commit yourself to behaving in accordance with the "good father" or "good mother" principle. You also commit yourself to immediately report any damage - whether caused by you, your travel companions, visitors or force majeure. This enables us to resolve the damage quickly and - if necessary - to find an amicable solution.

An accident can certainly happen, and we are convinced that together we can quickly find a solution or a compromise.

  1. Pre-emption

When you book your stay with us, you acknowledge that it is a holiday rental and not a residential rental. You therefore waive all rights associated with residential rental. There can be no question of notice periods or pre-emption rights as stated in article 25 of the Spanish rental law.